6 Ways To Remind Yourself To Keep Up With Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance may not be your cup of tea, but if you own property, you have to keep up with it. Otherwise, you have neighbours and city officials breathing down your neck, and fines to pay for neglecting your lawn. Here are some tips for keeping up with lawn maintenance, for both your own lawn and for those on any rental properties you own.

  1. Hire a Lawn Service. There, I’ve said it. The easiest way to keep up with lawn maintenance is to simply hire a lawn service. They will take the responsibility of seasonal weed, pest, and fertilizer treatments. They will keep the lawn mowed and edges, keeping the neighbors off the warpath.
  2. Fill in Your Calendar. If you are not going to hire out the service, then mark your calendar ahead of time for certain treatments. For example, on February 1, you are going to spray every lawn with pre-emergent and fertilizer. On May 1, 2, and 3, you are going to dethatch every lawn on your properties. On June 1, you are going to check to see if the lawns are ready to be mown.
  3. Equipment Repair. Set aside at least one day of the year to service your lawn maintenance equipment. Mowing and edging blades need to be sharpened, shrub shears need oiling, and extension cords need mending. Smoothly running equipment makes the job go faster.
  4. Good Equipment. One of the keys to keeping up with lawn maintenance is good equipment. If you know that your mower will not start, you are less likely to try to get it to work. If your edger is heavy and loud and gives you a headache, you will not edge when you need to. Buy good equipment that you know will finish the job, and you will not be tempted to procrastinate.


  1. Sprinkler Systems. What can you do about sprinkler systems? With rental property, they can be very handy. They will keep the lawn watered without your intercession, and that is a chore you are spared. However, will you be fined if the sprinklers run during a rain storm? If a sprinkler head is broken and sprays the street, how will you know? Set sprinkler systems on all of your properties to the same schedule, and go by at least once a week and check on them. Make it part of your routine, and you will find that part of lawn maintenance is not so bad.
  2. Bulk Purchases. Sometimes, we put off maintenance of lawns because fertilizer is just so darned expensive. If you own multiple properties, you may be able to make bulk purchases of fertilizers and pesticides, receiving a discount. The same is true for sprinkler systems – put the same kind of systems in on each property, and stock up on replacement pieces. The bulk purchases are cheaper, and you will be ready for malfunctions.

With equipment that is on hand and running properly, and with a schedule, you will be able to keep up with lawn maintenance.

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