Can A Barn Holiday To Devon Be Good For Kids?

Going on holiday is always an exciting experience, It doesn’t matter if you are 5, or 25, holidays are always going to be fun. But is it practical to take a young child on holiday with you? When your in someone else’s property, you must remember that what your child damages is your responsibility.

I suppose it can also depend on how young the child is, if they are toilet trained or what have you. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a holiday cottage or barn that sports mattress protector as its main feature.

Of course children can have a lot of fun in and around the Devon area, there’s lots of countryside and area to play in, depending on how close to the countryside you are you can most likely have a fantastic time with your children out in the sun. The fields of green and the luscious blue open sky are a sight to see, and if you find yourself getting a cottage or barn near the lovely blue sea then you are very lucky.


Devon is a big place and whether you want to go to the North, South, East Or West you can have a nice time anywhere, with blue seas and beautiful landscapes.

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