Cottage For Your Loved One

If you call it a Mother-in-law or backyard cabin, the idea is exactly the same: a little, secure prefabricated home that fits on your backyard and offers an innovative solution to assisted living. Rather than footing the bill for a nursing home and the respite care that comes with it, which is expensive, another choice is to maintain your senior loved ones near, under your care, however nevertheless living independently.

What are the benefits over a conventional nursing home, or just moving your nearest and dearest to your own residence? Find out more.

Independent Living Reduces Caregiver Pressure
Among the wonderful benefits of moving Mother to a backyard cabin is having the ability to keep her close by — near enough to assist if there’s an emergency — while also enabling her to keep her liberty.

“Older adults have their own living space and solitude, that has the capacity to reduce a lot of the stress related to caring for aging parents,” reports Bernard A. Steinman, a researcher in the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts.

Part of this reason mother-in-law cottages are this appealing choice is that they don’t only offer a place to reside, they are also able to consist of high tech perks which make them accessible and senior-friendly.

Not just that, a complex air filtration system assesses the air for pollutants, also a detector and video based tracking system alerts caregivers to injuries and falls, along with a computerized system tracks medical info and guarantees medicines are dispensed punctually.

Another cabin, offered by P.A.L.S. or Practical Assisted Living Solutions, comprises levered cupboard racks, bathrooms with grab bars and motion-detector night lighting. The entire cost may seem like a good deal — beginning at around $67,000 to get P.A.L.S. and $85,000 for a MEDCottage –but overall up the costs to get a nursing home and it suddenly does not seem overly expensive.

Obviously, zoning limitations differ by country, and placing a cabin on your garden may not be the perfect solution for everybody, especially those that loved ones need professional medical attention. However, for an increasing number of individuals, granny pods would be the ideal response to the question of how to care for Mother and Dad without undermining anyone’s liberty or privacy.

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