Decorating A Cottage Bedroom On A Budget

Are you ready for a change? Maybe that comforter and matching drapes you bought for your cottage bedroom a couple of years ago – well, maybe 8 years ago – just have lost their appeal. They’re looking drab and limp and you want to give your guests a better experience? Well, there are ways to take care of that, without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on decorating your bedroom on a budget.

Light Bulbs

Believe it or not, you can change the whole look of your room with light bulbs and accent lighting. The old-fashioned incandescent lights – the kind that you can’t buy any more – gave a warm glow to a room. This is great for color palettes that have warm undertones such as greens and burgundy tones. These seem to glow. But, if you have cool colors in your room, like blues and yellows, they would look grey and dull under incandescent light.

Florescent lights have a cold, harsh light. They may brighten a room, especially if you have decorated with cool colors. A room like this may make a great office or family room, but sometimes is too harsh for a restful bedroom.

Full spectrum lights, however, are great for complementing any color scheme you may want. In addition to working well with both warm and cool colors, full spectrum bulbs also are easier on the eyes, reducing fatigue.

Don’t forget to add some task and ambient lighting to your bedroom. Inexpensive lamps set around in the room can shed light in a whole new way, freshening up the entire space.

Add A Rug

If you haven’t considered adding a large area rug to your bedroom, you should! Quite often, people with hardwood floors or tile will place little mats near their side of the bed. That way, their feet hit something soft first thing in the morning. But, all of these little things scattered along the floor can add to a cluttered look. Consider getting a large area rug to fit under your bed. Not only will it offer protection to your feet when you get up, but you’ll find that it serves to anchor the furniture, making the bed the focal point of the room. It can give a whole new look to the space.

Display Your Collection

The bedroom is a great place to display your collections. If you small items, such as shells or stones, display them in attractive jars. You can find some of the prettiest display jars at dollar stores just about everywhere.

If you have a large item to display, select a table top – maybe a side table next to the bed, or on a table next to a chair in the room. If you have a lot of large objects, consider rotating them to the spotlighted area, so you can enjoy them more.

Use Mirrors


Mirrors are a great way to open up a space. Use a mirror in your bedroom to brighten dark corners, too. When you place a mirror, make sure that it is actually reflecting something pretty. If it is reflecting ceiling, tilt it downward a little more to reflect that pretty painting on the opposite wall.

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