Drying Clothes The Rural Way

Growing up in the country has so many advantages to city life. Open spaces for running, playing, riding horses, gardening, and so many other activities add a quality to life that you just can’t get in the city. It’s also easier to live in an eco-friendly way. People who like solar power are more likely to find unrestricted spaces for solar panels. You are also more likely to have enough property for those solar panels, and a garden large enough for rain barrels and clotheslines. Even people in the city like to hang their clothes out to dry, because the fresh air and sunshine make the clothes and linens smell wonderful. People who live in rural cottages and converted barns can routinely use clothes lines and clothes drying racks, rather than gas or electricity, to dry their clothes.

Cut Utility Bills

If you are lucky enough to live in a rural cottage, or even in a remodeled barn, you have the opportunity to cut your utility bills. For instance, something like a Clothesmaid drying rack will fit on your patio or your garden, and give you plenty of space to dry your clothes. You won’t have to use a clothes dryer, which uses electricity to run the blower and motor, and either heats the element with electricity or uses gas. Either way, you save on your expenses. Heat from the sun will dry the clothes, and purify them. Sun is also great in combination with gentle, natural bleaching detergents, making your whites whiter.

No Friction

One of the things that wears clothes and linens out so quickly is the friction you get from washing and drying them. While washing clothes in an electric washing machine is better than pounding them on a rock, the tossing they get in the dryer can shrink clothes and wear everything out quicker. When you hang them out, though, they are drip dry, leaving them in much better shape. They’re not as likely to shrink, either, because fresh air and sunshine dries them, rather than elevated heat. Natural evaporation is better than the extreme heat produced by dryers.

More Room

Think about how much more room you would have if you didn’t require a dryer! You could actually have a folding table, instead of having to dump all of the clean clothes on the sofa to be folded. You also won’t have all of that extra heat in the house. When it’s hot in the summer, the last thing you want to do is bake in the oven or turn on the clothes dryer. A clothes drying rack is the perfect solution. In fact, if you keep the drying rack inside the house, you can raise the humidity level a little bit during the dry months.

Whether you live in rural areas or the city, you can enjoy the benefits of a clothes drying rack or clothes line. Save money on utilities and on your clothes by using your dryer less.



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