Furnishing Your Rental Barn

Yorkshire rental barns, as well as those in Scotland, have become popular get-aways for those looking for a unique holidays. Property owners across the British Isles are catching on to the trend of converting their barns into clever little cottages. If you plan to do this, or are hoping to buy a barn and convert it, here are some pointers for furnishing that should not be overlooked.


Plumbing, of course, is crucial to a lodging. You will need a full bathroom for the barn, and possibly a kitchen, unless you plan on doing all the cooking for your tenants. While this may be common sense, not many people realize that along with water piped in to the barn you must have sewage piped out. This will be done with a septic system. Cess pools are no longer allowed, and a septic tank with drainage fields will need to be installed. There are restrictions to the location of septic systems, keeping them away from water sources such as streams, reservoirs, and wells.


Climate Control

For four seasons lodging, you will need safe and adequate climate control. That means you will need heat and cooling. This can be quite expensive for the open spaces of a barn, so do your research. If you lose the ambience of a barn through extensive renovations and enclosures, your converted barn will not be attractive to travelers. The whole idea is that they are staying in a barn. So, you need to judiciously use insulation and climate control elements to make the spaces comfortable.


Just because you are furnishing a barn does not mean you can skimp on furnishings. They need to be comfortable and plentiful. Make sure there are enough comfortable chairs to lounge indoors, and enough lawn furniture to enjoy the outdoors that attract visitors in the first place. Beds, of course, should be high quality and well maintained.


Decorations should be carefully considered, as they can be in the way. One aspect of décor, however, that should not be overlooked, are living interior plants. You need to have real plants placed throughout the barn for several reasons. For one thing, leafy plants, especially, will “breathe” in the rooms, filtering air and helping to keep it fresh. In addition, plants are often the “homey” touch you need in a room to subconsciously help people to relax and feel welcomed. All these plants will need is the appropriate amount of light and occasional watering, and the payoff is outstanding.


As with any quality hotel, lodgers expect linens to be provided. Whether you take care of this need yourself, or hire a linen service, don’t overlook this valuable benefit. Bedsheets, blankets, towels and washcloths in the bath, and kitchen linens encourage lodgers to clean up after themselves and make them feel at home. If you provide a swimming pool, or encourage swimming in the stream or local swimming hole, provide towels for that, as well. It is a luxurious touch that people won’t forget.

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