How You Can Improve Your Rental Property With Planters

Curb appeal is just as important with rental property as with property you are trying to sell. After all, you’re trying to “sell” your rental to good renters who will take care of it. The normal repairs are always necessary. You’ll have to repaint, possibly replace flooring, make repairs to cabinets and fixtures, and any number of other areas of the property. But, a simple, inexpensive way to dress up the property is with planters. If you are the renter, you won’t be able to make many significant changes to the property. To personalize it, use planters with either annual or perennial plantings. Here are some ways to use planters to spruce up your rental property.


The entry of your rental property can be improved with a pair of matching planters. You can find them in any style so that they tie in with the architecture of your property. Sleek, modern planters can brace the door of a nice condo, while round terra-cotta pots will embellish the front door of a cottage. The plants you use can vary, as well. For a more formal look, select trimmed boxwood in the shape of a spiral. For a more casual, cottage look, try a riot of petunias with trailing pennywort.


If the rental property you own has a generous porch, draw attention to it with a selection of planters. Rectangular planters placed along the outer edge of the porch can create a more private feel without blocking the view. The same planters placed in a rack are elevated, providing a little more privacy while still being attractive. Or, create a backdrop with planters, group a selection of pots in the corner or encircling the bistro table. This creates a welcoming area that is sure to tell potential renters that this place is well-taken care of, and that they are welcome.

If your rental property has a porch, dress it up with a series of planters. This can bring greenery closer to the house and create a more cohesive staging area between the house and the garden. It also brings color up onto the patio, and can serve as a way to battle mosquitoes and other biting insects – the planters can have plants that repel bugs, yet smell good, such as lavender, peppermint, and marigolds.

Heirloom Plants


If you have heirloom plants that you want to take with you, coloured planters or even Stone Planters UK are the perfect way to do so. A starter set of dwarf irises can follow you throughout your journeys, blooming twice a year on the front porch or patio. Thin them out as necessary to keep them healthy, and give the extra tubers away to neighbors to spread the beauty.

Planters Inside the House
Don’t underestimate the value of planters inside the rental property. You can use them to help delineate an entry from the living area, or take advantage of a large window.
Regardless of the style, planters can make your rental a home, and help potential renters see it as their home.

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