Purchasing And Furnishing A Barn

Barns and cottages are a lovely investment. Not only do you get to own a beautiful part of the countryside, you get to make this building your own and mold it into what you want it to be. Depending on whether you’re interested in redecoration or a whole conversion, choosing your barn or cottage can be difficult. With a barn, you’ll be looking at a large conversion, you have to make sure the building is properly sealed and that it has liveable conditions. With a cottage, the groundwork is already laid down for you and you’re pretty much ready for furnishing.

Carpets and Curtains

You have to decide whether you are going for a modern or more or a rustic look. If you’ve put a nice wooden floor down or some lovely tiles you don’t really want to cover it up with a carpet now do you? I personally feel that barn conversions really do suit that rustic look, the whole idea is to try and keep the supports and the beams and much of the main structure in view to give it that distinctive look. 

Dark reds work well with the interior of a converted barn, especially if you’ve gone for the open plan look, I feel that either darker colours or a plain white go well for the interior of a cottage. A nice set of white net curtains blowing through the open window whilst a freshly baked pie cools down on the windowsill, that’s how I imagine my finished cottage. Carpets are entirely up to you, whether you like the feeling on your feet and the warmth it can bring a carpet can help to insulate your home. Some people just like the ease of having a hard wood floor. Easy to sweep, spillages can also easily be cleaned, it’s all down to personal preference.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is highly important, especially if you have a partner who is always in your ear talking about it. The kitchen surfaces, and the materials used for your kitchen can really spice up the way the interior looks. The cabinets, the handles, but most of all, the worktops. What worktops do you think would suit your kitchen? Wood? Marble? Granite?


Wood can be quite impractical, it must be varnished, and you should NEVER ever attempt to cut anything directly onto the wood or else you’ll be creating your own patterns. You should get yourself some nice chopping boards to make sure that you don’t damage the surfaces.


Marble is a much heavier but also a much sturdier material than wood. You’re less likely to damage your counter, but marble still has it’s flaws. Marble, although you might not think it, is actually not scratch resistant. Marble actually suffers from scratches and all sorts over it’s period as a countertop and you may find that it will even stain from acidic substances. For instance, if you leave a lemon overnight, you’ll find a nice lemon stain waiting in the morning for you.


Granite is the sturdiest of the meterials but is also extremely expensive. You’ll find that granite will improve the value of your home though. It is almost completely scratch resistant and can easily have a hot pan resting ontop of it. This material formed from molten lava and pressure is the best material to use for your kitchen counters.



Furniture is the last step for your barn conversion or cottage, you’ll need to choose furniture that really fits with the theme that you are trying to create. Wood pattern cabinets, tables and also dressers might be the right fit if you’re looking to keep that wooden and rustic feel going. The lounge or communal area will be entirely up to you, sofas and other comfortable seating


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