Something A Bit Different?

If you’re looking for an interesting holiday for you or your loved one, then it might be good to know that there are lots of great places to go around the Devon/Somerset area. The South West of England has some great scenery and some even more interesting venues, lets take a look!


The Pop-Up Hotel

The Pop-up Hotel is definitely a very interesting place to stay, not that it is tied down to any one place, you can visit the pop-up hotel at various festivals and events as they erect their luxury camping tents all over the UK and beyond! You will however be able to visit their base in Somerset where you may be able to test out their new designs.


Bovey Castle

Bovey Castle is another great place to stay, this is an incredibly luxurious hotel that offers a ridiculous amount of activities. The décor is simply stunning and it seems that there is a wide variety of things that you can do, ranging from hunting, to using their PGA standard golf course. This is a place that I would definitely like to go in the future, but it looks like I may have to dress up. A very nice spot in Devon to get away to.


The Clock Tower Hotel

This is another interesting place that seems like it would be great for visiting. The Clock Tower Hotel is a hotel with a twist, your actually staying in a clock-tower! The place looks great and site in the heart of Exeter in Devon, If you’re interested in something a bit different then this is definitely somewhere that you should consider.

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