Surfing Around The English Coastline

Some of the best surfing in the world is right off of the English coastline. The coast of Devon is lined with great surfing opportunities. In fact, you can find great surfing schools in many places in the UK. These surf waters are popular year round, great even in the winter when surfers wear wet suits. You don’t have to travel overseas to get your “fix,” you can get your feet wet right in your own back yard.

Different Difficulty Levels


Surfing schools across the UK are adept at teaching people of all ages and all skills levels how to enjoy the surf. That’s because the sport of surfing has come a long, long way from the stereotypical beach bum pastime. It’s not all about daring, apparently death-defying stunts. You can enjoy the surf simply by paddling out across swells and letting them push you back to the coast.

Part of the advancement in instructional techniques is due to the surfboards themselves. Most instructors will take into account the student’s height, weight, age, and general apparent physical condition before they assign a board. In some cases, you may star with a fun board – what is normally called a boogie board. You may want a wider board so that you can keep your balance better as a beginner.

More advanced surfers will go for longer boards, with less width. This is because they turn faster, and more advanced surfers will want to change directions quickly in order to stay out on the swells. It’s all in what you can handle, and there are plenty of ways to build your stamina and hone abilities.

Choosing Surfing Schools

There are a great many surfing schools around that can provide you with excellent instruction. As a beginner or intermediate you will probably want to find one that provides you with all of the equipment and gear. Advanced surfers usually have their own boards, wetsuits, and other equipment.

You will probably have to sign a waiver of liability. The instructor will help you select a wet suit and fit you with a board, and begin instruction. That’s really about all there is to it!

If you are making a weekend of it, you can even find a surfing school that has lodging available, right on the coast. However, most people on holiday will stay in other area lodging.Options in Activities


Surf schools have a large number of activities available. Besides surfing, you may want to try paddle boarding. Here you stand or kneel on a wide board and paddle through the shallows. This is a very popular activity with people of all ages, as they can explore coves and inlets easily.

Kayaking is another popular activity, and quite easy. It allows the participant to get close to the water and stay close to the shore, exploring and sight seeing.

Coasteering is a great activity for those more physically fit. This sport involves climbing cliffs, often cliff diving, swimming, and hiking. All of these activities are available at most surfing schools.

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