Why Rent A Cottage In Devon?

Devon is a fantastic place, home to picturesque views, amazing wildlife and generally beautiful landscape. Devon has always had a fond place in my heart and I enjoy watching tourists come down and be amazed the the fantastic green pastures, but there’s a lot more to Devon than just scenery Devon is home to some great attractions, lets take a look:-


If you’re a fan of history, then Devon has some great places for you to visit, there are several castles and abbeys to see, so make sure you don’t miss them on your travels. Buckland Abbey is a great place full of wonder and a vast estate. This Abbey was home to the Cistercian monks who built a great barn and also created the abbey, definitely one to see if you get the time.

Watermouth castle is another one worth a look, especially if your a fan of dungeons! This castle will take you back in time to have a peak at Victorian life and some strange artefacts from the past, not one to miss!


The South Devon railway is also something cool to take a look at, if your interested in a great day out, then head to the south Devon Railway, you’ll be riding in Great Western Railway steam trains along the river dart, and will experience some beautiful views (if the steam doesn’t get in the way!)

Other Places Of Interest

There are all sorts of places to visit in Devon, Yoga camps such as Yeotown, The Donkey Sanctuary and lots more. If you’re interested in a bit more action you could always go to River Dart adventures or Go Ape!



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